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Brewster angle When a beam of light reflects on a dielectric material such as glass under a special angle of incidence, named the Brewster angle, the reflected beam is linearly polarized along the plane of incidence. If this beam hits a second glass sheet under the same angle, but rotated by 90° along the beam, […]

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Complex Light Sources - Ocean 2014 feature

Introduction Ocean 2013 was developed mainly for outdoor scenes, with complex environment lighting models. It is able to use analytic polarized sky models, as well as high resolution, high dynamic range images, to light the scene, making it possible to simulate any outdoor weather conditions. Ocean 2013 is able to simulate artificial lighting as well, […]

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Support for integrated Thin Films

Starting from version 1.4, Ocean supports thin film calculations. This alternative to tabulated reflection/transmission data unlocks a lot of possibilities!

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Spectral rendering

Full spectral light transfer calculations are mandatory for engineering light simulation tools, and especially for colorimetric predictions.

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Rendering metamerism

Ocean computes exact colorimetry, thanks to its full spectral core. It is well suited for modelling complex colorimetry phenomena such as metamerism.