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Daylighting simulations with BSDFs

Ocean 2016 Release 5 has been made available last week. It brings a new feature, the Igloo Matrix BRDF model, which allows using data from the LBNL WINDOW software (IGDB database). We have tested it on a 3D office model, with a double glazing unit (DGU) window comprising a high performance solar control coating. The […]

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Ocean 2015 - FPD rendering

Ocean 2015 allows modelling highly complex light sources such as flat panel displays (FPD) from measured data

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Ocean 2015 has several new groundbreaking features for working with colors XYZ color input It is now possible to set a material color to XYZ instead of RGB. This feature exists in other renderers, but implementations always suffer from either of these drawbacks: The XYZ value is converted to RGB and thus is always clipped […]

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Spectral rendering Ocean 2014 could already render spectral images with the “spectralbox” sensor type. In Ocean 2015, we added three powerful new features for working with spectral renders Spectral EXR file format When saving a spectral render to the EXR format, Ocean now embeds metadata so that the wavelength information is kept. This defines a […]

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Ocean 2015 - Graphical User Interface

Ocean 2015 is now available. This major upgrade is packed with a lot of new features and improvements!

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Ocean 2014

Eclat-Digital is pleased to announce the official release of Ocean 2014, after several months of intensive development!

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Support for IES light sources

The light source system has been completely redesigned in Ocean 2014. It fully supports IES profiles, an industry standard for describing light sources

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Complex Light Sources - Ocean 2014 feature

Introduction Ocean 2013 was developed mainly for outdoor scenes, with complex environment lighting models. It is able to use analytic polarized sky models, as well as high resolution, high dynamic range images, to light the scene, making it possible to simulate any outdoor weather conditions. Ocean 2013 is able to simulate artificial lighting as well, […]

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Support for integrated Thin Films

Starting from version 1.4, Ocean supports thin film calculations. This alternative to tabulated reflection/transmission data unlocks a lot of possibilities!

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Featuring light polarization

Light polarization effects cannot be ignored without introducing significant errors in optical simulations and renderings