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Example of a coated-diffuse material corresponding to a 6mm green glass spandrel with a 50% grey backing paint


This material simulates an absorbing dielectric layer with a diffuse backing paint, or similarly a diffuse material coated with a perfectly smooth colored varnish. It handles exactly multiple reflections within the layer, and may have a custom interface law such as an interferential coating. This material type models accurately and efficiently enameled or painted glass panes, with exact colorimetry.

Children nodes

filtershader-2014.png diffuse
Filter shader : The spectral diffuse reflectance, or albedo, of the backing paint or substrate
medium-2014.png bulk
Medium : The layer medium corresponding to the glass pane or varnish material
intlaw-2014.png intlaw
Interface law : Optical law governing reflection and transmission coefficients on the layer outer surface
medium-2014.png bulk
Medium : The bulk medium filling the geometry volume on the back side
normalshader-2014.png bump
Normal shader : Normal shading modifier
emitter-2014.png emitter
Emitter : The Surface light emission properties


The layer thickness (glass pane thickness for spandrels, or varnish thickness)

Ocean XML 2.0 example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<oceanroot version="2.0">
	<material type="coateddiffuse" name="spandrel" coatingthickness="0.004">
		<filtershader type="uniform" name="diffuse">
			<spectrum type="uniform" name="spectrum" value="0.85"/>
		<medium type="simple" name="coatingmedium" precedence="0">
			<spectrum type="cauchy" name="n" b="1.5235" c="0.00424672"/>
			<spectrum name="a" type="tabulated" start="380E-9" end="780E-9" num="41">
				34.825	21.325	13.025	13.6	15.125	14.3	14.4	13.575	12.75
				10.05	6.925	8.3	9.8	9.45	9.925	8.175	7.25	8.275
				9.675	9.775	12.1	14.075	15.025	17	19.375	21.275	22.825
				25.7	27.125	29.175	31.625	35.05	37.025	40.1	42.6	45.625
				47.65	49.8	52.85	54.925	58.025				

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