Colorimetry toolbox

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This toolbox allows making color measurements on the result buffer. The colors are analyzed before applying the postprocessing. It requires that the buffer contains X, Y and Z channels, defined in the instrument channel spectra (also known as observers).

Defining the white reference

Clicking on the white pipet allows capturing the white reference with the mouse. A single click will measure a single pixel, and drawing a rectangle by keeping the left mouse button pressed will measure the average over a region.

The measured values are displayed in the dialog, in XYZ and xyz coordinates.

Measuring color A and color B

Two colors can be measured and stored in banks A and B, with the corresponding blue pipet buttons. The color is displayed in XYZ, xyz and Lab coordinates. Lab values are relative to the white reference measured before.

Color difference

The colorimetric distance between A and B is displayed here. It is calculated using the CIE76 standard