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Scene lit by a studio lighting HDR environment


The envmap environment uses a spherical image file for controlling the environment lighting. It uses equirectangular projection, where the horizontal axis is longitude and the vertical axis latitude.

The emission spectrum of the image white point (corresponding to RGB=1,1,1) is defined by a spectrum child element.

By default, the top of the image is oriented towards (0,0,1), and its center to (1,0,0). The envmap orientation can be adjusted by modifying the up and front parameters.

Children nodes

Outdoor scene lit by an envmap emission shader, and a photo based cloudy HDRI image
spectrum-2014.png base
Spectrum : The white point base spectrum emitted by RGB=1,1,1 image pixel values
image-2014.png envmap
Image : The equirectangular envmap image


The direction where the top of the image (zenith) is oriented in space. Should be orthogonal to front
The direction where the center of the image is oriented in space. Should be orthogonal to up

Ocean XML 2.0 example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<oceanroot version="2.0">
<environment type="envmap" name="studio">
	<prm up="0 0 1" front="-1 0 0"/>
	<spectrum type="blackbody" name="base" temp="6500" gain="1e-05"/>
	<image type="" name="image" path="photo-studio.exr"/>

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