Lambertian material

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Example of lambertian material, with a uniform ochre color


This material type follows the Lambertian reflectance model. The apparent brightness of such a surface to an observer is the same regardless of the observer's angle of view. This simple model describes efficiently diffuse surfaces, but more complex models such as Oren-Nayar or Phong will describe better very rough and slightly reflective materials, respectively.

Children nodes

filtershader-2014.png diffuse
Filter shader : The spectral diffuse reflectance, or albedo, of the material
medium-2014.png bulk
Medium : The bulk medium filling the geometry volume on the back side
normalshader-2014.png bump
Normal shader : Normal shading modifier
emitter-2014.png emitter
Emitter : The Surface light emission properties

Ocean XML 2.0 example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<oceanroot version="2.0">
<material name="wall" type="lambertian">
	<filtershader name="diffuse" type="uniform">
		<spectrum name="spectrum" type="tabulated" start="388E-9" end="780E-9" num="10">
			0.343 0.343 0.445 0.551 0.624 0.665 0.687 0.708 0.723 0.715

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