Lambertian transmitter material

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Example of lambertian transmitter material


This material type diffuses light in transmission. No light is reflected back from the incident ray, it is fully transmitted, and scattered evenly in every direction. This is similar to the lambertian material, except that it is transmitting instead of reflecting.

This material used on its own is unrealistic and very unlikely to be found in nature. However, a blend of this material type with another diffuse material, such as lambertian, oren-nayar or phong will help modelling thin translucent materials, such as sheets of paper, leaves, cloth, and many other, which diffusely transmit a fraction of incident light.

Children nodes

filtershader-2014.png diffuse
Filter shader : The spectral diffuse transmittance of the material
medium-2014.png bulk
Medium : The bulk medium filling the geometry volume on the back side
normalshader-2014.png bump
Normal shader : Normal shading modifier
emitter-2014.png emitter
Emitter : The Surface light emission properties

Ocean XML 2.0 example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<oceanroot version="2.0">
<material name="ltrans" type="lambertian_transmitter">
	<filtershader name="diffuse" type="uniform">
		<spectrum name="spectrum" type="tabulated" start="388E-9" end="780E-9" num="10">
			0.343 0.343 0.445 0.551 0.624 0.665 0.687 0.708 0.723 0.715

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