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This special medium is not a medium by itself, but a link to another medium defined in the scene. It allows referencing the same medium multiple times through different medium names. It is especially useful with packaged libraries, whose media cannot be renamed. A medium link to the library medium can be created instead.

The target medium is referenced by its name. A library qualified name has the form library_name::medium_name, such as in the example below.

When editing a linked medium's properties, you can drag and drop a medium from the object list or from the library toolbox to the target name input box.


The name of the scene medium to point at, or a library qualified medium name

Ocean XML 2.0 example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<oceanroot version="2.0.2">
<medium type="linked" name="titanium" target="ocean-metals::Ti"/>

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