Mixed tabulated interface law

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Specular material with a glass bulk medium and a mixed tabulated law built from dichroic thin film data


The Mixed Tabulated interface law allows giving tabulated spectral values for reflection and transmission coefficients, for incidence angles between 0° and 90°. The coefficients are unpolarized (mixed polarization).

The provided data consists in three angle variable spectra:

  • er : External reflection
  • ir : Internal reflection
  • t : Transmission

External reflection correspond to rays coming from the front side of the geometry (side the normal is oriented to). Internal reflection correspond to the back side (opposed to surface normal). The transmission coefficient is symmetric.

Children nodes

node-2014.png er
Angle variable spectrum : Tabulated external reflection coefficient
node-2014.png ir
Angle variable spectrum : Tabulated internal reflection coefficient
node-2014.png t
Angle variable spectrum : Tabulated transmission coefficient



Ocean XML 2.0 example

The following example was truncated, download full example

<intlaw type="mixtabulated" name="intlaw">
	<avspectrum type="" name="er" scale="angle">
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="1">3.8e-07 0.2414 3.85e-07 0.2926 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="2">3.8e-07 0.2458 3.85e-07 0.2964 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="3">3.8e-07 0.2585 3.85e-07 0.3068 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="4">3.8e-07 0.2780 3.85e-07 0.3206 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="5">3.8e-07 0.3004 3.85e-07 0.3319 [...] </spectrum>
	<avspectrum type="" name="ir" scale="angle">
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="1">3.8e-07 0.2457 3.85e-07 0.2947 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="2">3.8e-07 0.2570 3.85e-07 0.3041 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="3">3.8e-07 0.2846 3.85e-07 0.3237 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="4">3.8e-07 0.3174 3.85e-07 0.3344 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="5">3.8e-07 0.3196 3.85e-07 0.2990 [...] </spectrum>
	<avspectrum type="" name="t" scale="angle">
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="1">3.8e-07 0.7639 3.85e-07 0.7092 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="2">3.8e-07 0.7595 3.85e-07 0.7054 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="3">3.8e-07 0.7468 3.85e-07 0.6950 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="4">3.8e-07 0.7271 3.85e-07 0.6812 [...] </spectrum>
		<spectrum type="tabulated" name="5">3.8e-07 0.7047 3.85e-07 0.6700 [...] </spectrum>

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