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When saving simulation results to images or table files (such as .jpg or .csv), some information can be lost, such as numerical precision, channels, values before post-processing, etc...

The Ocean raw file format allows saving the simulation results for later use. When opened again in Ocean, everything goes as if the simulation had just been done, including:

  • Post-processing parameters adjustment
  • Raw and post-processed data analysis and export to other formats
  • Colorimetry and photometry measurements

These files have the .ocraw extension.

Writing Ocean raw files

Ocean raw files can be saved from the interface. Just select a simulation result tab in the main window area, and go to the Simulation > Save Raw menu

Ocean raw files may also be saved automatically when a render stops. This option is available in the preferences dialog.

You can generate Ocean raw files from the command line, by using the -o option with a .ocraw file name extension. This is especially useful when many images have to be rendered, but post-processing requires per-image adjustment. See command line syntax for more details.

Opening Ocean raw files

Ocean raw files may be opened from the interface, in the Simulation > Load Raw menu. They will open as if the simulation had just been finished.

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