Additive emitter



Scene lit by an additive emitter combining a greenish spot and a pattern source.

Environment This emitter combines multiple emitters additively.


Using this feature requires an Lighting Edition license

Children Nodes

This node is an emitter list. It may have a variable number of emitter children.

Emitter user-defined First emitter
Emitter user-defined Second emitter
Emitter user-defined ...



Ocean XML 3.0 example

<emitter type="additive" name="emitter">
     <emitter type="generic" name="cone" photometry="onelumen" multiplier="20">
             <spectrum type="cie-xyz" name="base" xyz="0.389645 0.49123 0.413197 XYZ"/>
             <filtershader type="constant" name="posmod" value="1"/>
             <distribution type="cone" name="angledistrib">
                     <scalarshader type="uniform" name="tanangle" value="0.3"/>
     <emitter type="generic" name="map" photometry="onelumen" multiplier="50">
             <spectrum type="tabulated" name="base">
                     3e-007 0 4e-007 0 5e-007 1.28e+008 6e-007 2.496e+008 7e-007 2.944e+008
             <filtershader type="constant" name="posmod" value="1"/>
             <distribution type="map" name="angledistrib">
                     <image name="map" path="preview-images/serig30.png"/>