Installing libraries

Library files

Ocean libraries are stored in .oclib files. Some are installed with the software, in the libraries sub-folder.

All .oclib files stored in Ocean library search folders are automatically loaded at startup. Just put a copy of new libraries in one of these folders, or add a new search path. Then restart Ocean and check if the library was properly loaded in the libraries toolbox

Library search folders are configured in the Preferences.


Two libraries cannot have the same name. If so, only one will be loaded

Using a library object in a scene

In the object editor, open the material Material or medium Medium that you would like to replace by a library item.

Then drag and drop the library item on the editor node. The node will automatically change its type to linked and point to the library item.

You can also manually set the target parameter of a liked node in the form : library_name::object_name

Then click on “Apply” to save the object.

Creating object libraries

First select one or several objects in the Objects toolbox, then right click on the selection and choose Library Create library.


Using this feature requires an Advanced Edition license