Simulation controls

Start simulation

Start button

Once a scene has been loaded and set-up, this control starts the simulation. Ocean will first perform some initialization steps, then start calculating samples and updating them to the result buffer. A preview image will start refreshing periodically in the “Render” tab.

During the simulation, several messages will be displayed in the Local log toolbox. Keep an eye on it, as it may display error messages as well.

Stop simulation

Start button

This stops the simulation. Be careful when using it after several hours of render : this cannot be undone.

When stopping the simulation, the results will be automatically saved if you enabled it in the Preferences.

Pause simulation

Start button

This pauses the simulation. Ocean stops consuming CPU resources, but keeps all data in memory. Just click again to resume. Ocean also pauses the simulation if a halt condition was met. See render settings for setting a halt condition.

Update results

Start button

During simulation, ocean adds samples to the result buffer continuously. However, it updates the preview only from times to times, to save CPU resources. You can manually trigger a refresh of the preview image by clicking on this button.