Envmap ground filter shader


Example of envmap ground filter shader used for integrating a car in a parking environment without remodelling the ground

Filter shader This advanced filter shader computes the diffuse albedo of a horizontal lambertian surface, so that it has the same radiance as a ground point in the environment map. It assumes that envmap pixels below the horizon correspond to an horizontal, flat and diffuse ground.

This filter shader is very useful for rendering shadows cast over an envmap ground.

It will work great if corresponding environment area:

  • Is flat and horizontal
  • Is made of a diffuse material
  • Has the same lighting than the environment viewpoint itself

Conversely, it will not work well if :

  • It contains non-flat objects
  • It is glossy or reflective
  • It has cast shadows, local lights, etc...


This interface law was renamed from “envgroundmatte” to “envmapground” after Ocean 2015 beta3

Children Nodes

Spectrum albedomax The maximum spectral values returned by the shader



Ocean XML 3.0 example

<filtershader type="envmapground" name="diffuse">
   <spectrum type="uniform" name="albedomax" value="0.9"/>