Image The image node allows loading an image file for use as a texture, an environment mapping, a 2D function...

Supported image types

8-bit RGB images

The currently supported file types are : BMP, GIF, JPEG, MNG, PBM, PNG, TGA, and 8-bit TIFF(8bit). Values are gamma-decoded to linear RGB assuming a sRGB profile.

They provide three channels : R, G and B. When necessary, they are converted to spectra using an excact smooth metamer spectrum generator.

Radiance HDR

Radiance HDR images are fully supported, including XYZ images. XYZ values are also converted to spectra when necessary, using an exact smooth metamer generator working on the full XYZ color space (no gamut limitation).


OpenEXR images are fully supported. They may contain an arbitrary number of channels.

  • If the image contains R, G and B channels, it will be treated as a RGB image. The conversion to spectrum is the same as for the other image formats.
  • If the image contains X, Y and Z channels, it will be treated as a XYZ image, as for Radiance HDR files.
  • Spectral EXR images are also supported with an arbitrary number of wavelengths. See Spectral EXR format for more information on the channel encoding convention
  • If the previous channels are not detected, the image may still be used as a monochrome map.


name type description
path string The image path, absolute or relative to the current Ocean XML file

Ocean XML 3.0 example

<image path="textures/concrete.jpg"/>