Postprocessing Postprocessing defines how simulation data are displayed on screen and saved to output files. It may include a list of filter nodes.

Postprocessing may be modified on the fly during render, using the Display toolbox, or by right clicking on the result tab.

Ocean XML 4.0 example

<postprocessing type="channelimage" name="postprocessing">
   <prm filters="true"/>
   <prm quantity="raw"/>
   <prm channel="Y"/>
   <prm colors="thermal"/>
   <prm rangemax="150"/>
   <prm logarithmic="true"/>
   <prm logdecades="3"/>
   <prm info="false"/>
   <prm legend="true"/>
   <prm grid="false"/>
   <prm gridx="30"/>
   <prm gridy="30"/>
   <filter type="gaussianblur" name="filter2" enabled="true" sigma="1"/>