RGB image postprocessing



Simulation results displayed as a RGB image

Postprocessing The RGB image postprocessing displays simulation results as a color image.

In order to display colors, the simulation results must contain standard X,Y,Z channels. Any white point may be chosen, and several output RGB color spaces may be used. For limited range formats (for 8-bit and 16-bit), highlights are clamped using a color correction algorithm acivated by the hcc parameter (Highlight Color Correction).

When saving an image file, the Depth and RGB space parameters directly controls the file encoding. The files generated are properly tagged with the corresponding ICC profiles and chromaticities.

When previewing an image inside Ocean, the Depth parameter has no effect. The RGB space parameter controls how the RGB picture is generated in memory, but if display color management is enabled, the image is converted again to the display color space as a second step.

Children Nodes

This node has a filter list. It may have a variable number of filter children. The name of each filter is user-defined and does not affect the result.

Filter user-defined First spectrum
Filter user-defined Second spectrum
Filter user-defined ...


name type description
colorspace list The color space, can be sRGB (srgb), Adobe RGB (adobergb), Prophoto RGB (prophotorgb), XYZ/RGB (xyzrgb),
depth list The channel bit depth, can be 8, 16 or 32 bit
xwhite real The x coordinate of the white point, between 0 and 1
ywhite real The y coordinate of the white point, between 0 and 1
hcc real The amount of highlight color correction, between 0 and 1
drawinfo boolean Overlays some information about simulation and software version on the image

Ocean XML 4.0 example

<postprocessing type="rgbimage" name="postprocessing">
   <prm colorspace="srgb"/>
   <prm depth="8"/>
   <prm xwhite="0.3127"/>
   <prm ywhite="0.329"/>
   <prm hcc="0.4"/>
   <prm drawinfo="false"/>
   <filter type="gain" name="filter1" enabled="true" gainev="0"/>
   <filter type="reinhardglobal" name="filter2" enabled="true" stops="1" strength="0.8"/>