Display toolbox

Display toolbox screenshot

This toolbox controls how simulation results (either finished or ongoing) are postprocessed and displayed in the main window area. It is activated only when a simulation preview tab is selected.

As opposed to most other node types, postprocessing can be modified during and after a simulation. Changes are updated immediately without needing to restart.


Sets the image title. This title is displayed in the tabs above the display area, this is very useful for organizing a large number of opened results. The title is also used as a default name when saving images or data to disk.
The postprocessing type can be changed here.


For more information on the postprocessing options, go to postprocessing types.

In RGB Image mode, the Delete button allows selecting a region over the preview image for setting the white point.

In Channel Image mode, the Magic wand button allows setting automatically the Range parameter to a suitable value.


This section allows adjusting the postprocessing filters of the current instrument. The filters can be enabled or disabled, and their parameters can be changed. This can be done during a simulation, and the preview image is automatically updated.

This toolbox does not allow adding, removing or reordering the filters. This must be done by editing the postprocessing node by right clicking the preview tab, and selecting Postprocessing Edit postprocessing