Job queue toolbox

Job queue toolbox screenshot

This toolbox allow scheduling multiple simulations and let them run automatically

Halt condition

Ocean simulations will run until the user stops them manually, or if a halt condition is set. When automating simulations jobs, it is important to set halt conditions, otherwise the queue will be stuck.

Ocean will warn you if you try to add a job with no halt condition.

Adding jobs

Queuing the current scene

You may queue the current scene by pressing Add button. All settings and edited objects will be taken into account, as if you started the simulation manually.

You may, for instance, open a scene, and add multiple jobs of this scene with different instruments, materials, etc... In that case, do not save the scene until all jobs are finished, or you will get unexpected results.

The halt condition is the one set in render settings

Queuing other scene files

You may also queue non opened scene files. Just drag them in the system file explorer, and drop them on the toolbox.

The halt condition is the one saved with the file.

Editing jobs

Jobs can be deleted using the right mouse button, or moved in the queue by drag and drop (the first job is on top).

They may be renamed by selecting a job, and clicking again on its name. The job name will be used as the result tab name, and as the file name for saving the results.

Configuring the output

The Settings reveals output options

The keep results open check box make the result tabs stay open in Ocean when a job is finished. Be careful when queuing a large number of jobs, as this may result in a very large memory consumption, which could make your system unresponsive.

The output format can be set in the following drop-down list. If keep results open is checked, you may choose not to save the results, as you can do it manually afterwards.

The output path is the scene file path by default. You may override it there.

Running the job queue

Clicking on Queue process starts and stops the queue. Stopping the queue will not halt the current render : it will just prevent the next one from starting.

Clicking on Queue next halts the current simulation and continues to the next one.