Photometry toolboxΒΆ

Photometry toolbox screenshot

This toolbox allows making raw sensor and luminous measurements on the result buffer. Luminous values require a “Y” sensor channel to be defined, and assume that it was spectrally integrated with a luminous function. This is the case if the sensor is of the standard CIE XYZ sensor type, which uses the photopic CIE 1931 standard luminous function.

Values are picked from the result preview using the yellow pipet tool button. A single value or a rectangular region can be picked (in this case, values are averaged over the region)

The displayed physical quantities depend on the instrument type

The Unified Glare Rating (UGR) value is computed according to the CIE 117-1995 standard. In order to account for the full human field of vision, it should be used with a Fisheye camera, and the pipet region should enclose the full image. However, the algorithm is able to compute the glare rating restricted to a smaller field of vision.