Material irradiance instrument


Instrument This instrument computes the average irradiance on surfaces for a set of materials. Setting the output resolution is not possible for this instrument : it will automatically generate one single value per input material. It is possible to set a sampling weight for each material. By default, Ocean will sample rays for each material proportionally to the corresponding geometry area. Increasing the weight for one material will increase its share of rays accordingly.

The materials used as sensors are referenced by their names. When a scene material is a Linked material, it can be referenced by its target name only, unless the softlink option is enabled. In this case, the material must be referenced by its original name.

Children Nodes

This node may have a variable number of output children with custom names.

Sensor sensor List of channels defined by a sensitivity spectrum
Output user-defined First output preset
Output user-defined Second output preset
Output user-defined


name type description
shutter real Shutter time or exposure, in seconds
wlmin real Low bound of simulation wavelength range
wlmax real High bound of simulation wavelength range
matlist table(string,real) List of materials (first column) with their sampling weight (second column)

Ocean XML 5.0 example

<instrument type="materialirrad" name="average" shutter="1" wlmin="3.8e-07" wlmax="7.8e-07">
     <param name="matlist" type="list">
             <row mat="walls00" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls05" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls10" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls20" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls30" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls40" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls50" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls60" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls70" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls80" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls90" weight="1"/>
             <row mat="walls95" weight="1"/>
     <sensor type="ciexyz" name="sensor" y_only="true"/>
     <output type="table" name="table" layout="xy" quantity="sceneirradiance" channel="Y"/>