BSDF output



BSDF output

Output The BSDF output displays results from a BSDF Capture instrument in a nice scattered hemispheric preview for any incident direction, and exports it to a BSDF object in a .ocbin file.

Currently, it only reports UGR (Unified Glare Rating).


Using this feature requires an Advanced Edition license

Children Nodes

This node has a filter list. It may have a variable number of filter children. The name of each filter is user-defined and does not affect the result.

Filter user-defined First spectrum
Filter user-defined Second spectrum
Filter user-defined


name type description
light vec3 The incoming light direction for the hemispheric preview. Does not affect .ocbin output, which includes all angles.
range real The intensity range (exposure) for the hemispheric preview. Does not affect .ocbin output.
matname string The name of the material to write in the .ocbin output.

Ocean XML 5.0 example

<output type="bsdf" name="output" light="0   -0.965926       0.258819" range="0.5"/>