Result area

The main area in the center of the graphical user interface is dedicated to visualizing simulation result and editing objects.

You may open any number of views in multiple tabs:

  • Current simulation
  • Finished simulation
  • Old simulations saved in OCRAW and reopened
  • Editing objects

Working with tabs

There are several tricks and shortcuts when working with tabs:

  • Using the mouse wheel in the tab ribbon quickly cycles between all tabs
  • Ctrl-D duplicates the current tab (simulation results only, not objects)
  • Ctrl-W or Ctrl-F4 closes the current tab
  • Ctrl-Shift-T reopens a tab closed by mistake
  • Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-PgDown switches to the next tab
  • Ctrl-Shift-Tab or Ctrl-PgUp switches to the previous tab

You may open an arbitrary number of OCRAW files by dropping them over the result area.

The result tab may also be used for displaying images.

Image Previews

You may zoom with the mouse wheel and scroll using the middle mouse button.

Right clicking on an image preview opens a context menu.

The possible actions are:
  • Copy Image : copies the image to the clipboard for pasting to any other application
  • Copy Legend : copies the legend image (Channel image output only)
  • Reset view : resets zoom to 100% and centers the preview
  • Pick Material (only with ongoing or paused render) : selects the material below the cursor in the Objects toolbox. It also measures the distance to the geometry and shows it in the Local log toolbox
  • Crop Instrument : allows creating a cropped version of the camera used to render the image
  • Output settings : Edits the Output
  • Output presets : selects an Output associated with the instrument

Linking views

When multiple image tabs are open, it is possible to synchronize zoom and scrolling between all views. Just go to the View>Link Views menu option, or press F11. The views are now synchronized, and you may compare small details on similar images very easily.

Just click again on the menu item, or press F11, to disable view synchronization.


Switching between two renders with perfectly aligned zoom

Tabulated Previews

When displaying simulation results with a Table output, you may copy any data to the clipboard and paste it spreadsheet programs such as Excel or Sheets.