Noise killer filter



Render without and with the Blaster noise killer filter

Filter These filters reduce the noise level in rendered images. It relies on meta-data computed by Ocean 2017 or later for accurately distinguishing noise and real image features such as texture grain.

Some other filters such as Resize filter or Reinhard local filter remove the denoising meta-data. If the noise killer filter is placed after those filters in the post-processing chain, it will not work. Therefore, the noise killer filter is often the first filter of the chain.

Three types of noise killer are implemented, Fuser, Tenser and Blaster.

  • Fuser and Tenser algorithms are fast denoiser.
  • Blaster algorithm is adapted for image where both types of noise, gaussian noise and impulse noise, are involved. Two parameters can be adjusted to perform the best denoising. First parameter, strength_GN, is used to play on Gaussian Noise (GN). Second parameter, strength_IN, is used to play on Impulse Noise (IN).

Input and output

  • Works with any input channel.
  • Output channels are the same as input.
  • Does not alter the buffer dimensions
  • Removes denoising meta-data


name algo type description
strength Fuser/Tenser real The amount of denoising. From 0 to 10
method Fuser/Tenser/Blaster list The denoising algorithm, may be fuser, tenser or blaster
strength_GN Blaster real The amount of denoising on gaussian noise. From 0 to 10
strength_IN Blaster real The amount of denoising on impulse noise. From 0 to 10

Ocean XML 5.0 example

Tenser exemple (identical for Fuser denoiser, replace tenser by fuser in xml code line):

<filter type="noisekiller" name="#" enabled="true" method="tenser" strength="4"/>

Blaster exemple:

<filter type="noisekiller" name="filterName" enabled="false" method="blaster" strength_GN="1" strength_IN="2"/>