Table output



Simulation results displayed as a table

Output The table output displays simulation results as a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet layout may be one of the following:

  • X/Y : Rows are sensor X coordinates, and columns are sensor Y coordinates. A single channel is displayed.
  • Channel/Y : Rows are channels, and columns are sensor Y coordinates. A single X value is displayed
  • X/Channel : Rows are sensor X coordinates, and columns are channels. A single Y value is displayed

Ocean can display raw sensor values, but as the instrument characteristics are stored with the images, it can also compute radiometric or photometric quantities, depending on the instrument and sensor types. See quantities for more details.

Children Nodes

This node has a filter list. It may have a variable number of filter children. The name of each filter is user-defined and does not affect the result.

Filter user-defined First spectrum
Filter user-defined Second spectrum
Filter user-defined


name type description
layout list The layout, can be X/Y (xy), Channel/Y (cy) or X/Channel (xc)
quantity list The photometric/radiometric quantity to display
channel string The channel name for X/Y layout
X integer The X slice coordinate for Channel/Y layout
Y integer The Y slice coordinate for X/Channel layout

Ocean XML 5.0 example

<output type="table" name="output" layout="xy" quantity="sensorirradiance" channel="Y">
   <filter type="gaussianblur" name="filter2" enabled="true" sigma="1"/>