Ocean versions

Ocean 2019

Release 6 (7.4.2)

Windows® Vista/7/8/10 64-bit installer : Ocean 2019 R6 Installer

Release date : 01/07/2020

  • Improvements :
    • Updated 3DS Max plugin with 2020 support

    • Added an option to show/hide console alongside GUI (hidden by default)

    • Internal changes

  • Fixes :
    • Fixed noisekiller not operating in non-OpenCL mode

Release 5 (7.2.6)

Windows® Vista/7/8/10 64-bit installer : Ocean 2019 R5 Installer

Release date : 21/04/2020

  • New features :
    • BRTDF CSV Importer

Release 4 (7.2.5)

Windows® Vista/7/8/10 64-bit installer : Ocean 2019 R4 Installer

Release date : 31/03/2020

  • New features :
    • New parametric distortion instrument node

  • Improvements :
    • Improved terminal display with date/time and verbosity level

    • Added an option to hide terminal at Ocean startup

  • Fixes :
    • Fixed crash when filtering Spectral image with OpenCL

    • Fixed node edit widget scrolling squashing content

    • Fixed files getting overwritten when processing

    • Fixed NoiseKiller crashing when placed after Reinhard

    • Fixed crash when exporting objects in folders

    • Fixed file log not written after a crash

Release 3 (7.2.4)

Windows® Vista/7/8/10 64-bit installer : Ocean 2019 R3 Installer

Release date : 13/02/2020

  • Fixes :
    • Fixed empty log when crash ; now the log is written at each message

    • Fixed server list not taken into account when processing the Render Project queue

    • Fixed Render Project animation easing parameters not appearing

    • Fixed threading issue that caused random crashes when closing Ocean

    • Fixed CAD importer not handling unicode characters

    • Fixed dongle data not read some times

Release 2 (7.2.3)

Windows® Vista/7/8/10 64-bit installer : Ocean 2019 R2 Installer

Release date : 26/11/2019

  • Improvements :
    • OpenEXR 2.4.0

    • Support for cameras defined in imported CAD files

    • More visible links in “about” dialog

    • Increased drastically the range of valid values for fnumber (only in idealrectcaminstrument)

  • Fixes :
    • Fixed render queue output being rewritten by new renders

    • Fixed time and sps info not showing in ocraw files

    • Fixed setup not taken in account in render queue elements

    • Fixed OpenCL complaining :/

Release 1 (7.2.2)

Windows® Vista/7/8/10 64-bit installer : Ocean 2019 R1 Installer

Release date : 14/10/2019

  • New features :
    • CAD readers

    • Render project manager

  • Improvements :
    • Added “Load Example” item in main menu

    • Add checkboxes to serverlist widget to allow enabling/disabling slave nodes easily (+ save their state in app settings)

    • Apply ongoing halt conditions on input validation, not input change (avoid pausing renderer while modifying values)

    • Optimize RenderThreads Vs RenderSensor access when threads number <= 8

    • Add log message with load scene time duration

    • Improve performance tab layout in preference dialog

    • Update/Fix main window shortcuts (to match conventions)

    • New ‘server-on’ icon when server mode is active

    • Add log message at startup with license options + max threads (if any)

    • Improve network licensing error messages

    • Make Advanced mode imply Lighting mode too (Lighting obsolete in version 2019)

    • Add support for automatically pause/resume the rendering on license loss/restoration (if demo mode not allowed, continue in demo mode with watermark otherwise)

    • Change demo mode supported features (support all Advanced feature but no server mode)

    • Add clear log action in ‘View’ menu (with keyboard shortcut ‘Alt+D’)

    • Add log info message at startup about available Ocean update

    • Adding a ‘resume’ state to the play / pause render button

    • Print demo mode options in log (as license mode already does)

  • Fixes :
    • Fixed error in Colloid in corner case conditions

    • Fixed log “repeated message” counter (going negative)

    • Fixed emitter quantity parameters mismatch

    • Fixed AxFConverter spinboxes behavior

    • Fixed high dpi splash screen

    • Fixed crash when camera width is not a multiple of 8

    • Fixed multi-threads synchronization issues

    • Fixed potential crash in RenderSensor

    • Fixed double precision support in RenderSensor

    • Fixed multi-threads concurrent access issue causing CPU under-usage

    • Fixed server button state on license check (server option) fail

    • Fixed license not released when user start fails