Import dialog

Import dialog screenshot

This dialog allows importing other scene files to the current scene. You may open it by clicking on File > Import Import, the Import Import tool button, or by right clicking on the main scene file in the files toolbox and choosing Import Import

It also allows changing the import options for a currently imported file. This is accessible in the files toolbox by right clicking on an imported file which is immediately under the main scene file. Recursive imports (sub-imports) cannot be edited directly.


You may select the files to import here


You can select here which elements will be imported from the files.

Copy or reference

Importing in Copy mode will copy all imported objects to your scene. The imported file will not be required any more.

Importing in Reference mode will add a link to the imported file without copying the objects. If the imported file changes, the imported objects will be modified.


If you set a prefix, it will be prepended to the imported object’s names. Using the slash ‘/’ character, this will import the objects into folders. For instance, if an imported material is named “paint”:

  • Using a “supplier-” prefix will rename the material to “supplier-paint”
    • Using a “carbody/” prefix will import the material into the “carbody” folder (created if necessary)

    • Using a “body/finishes/” prefix will import the material into the “body” folder and the “finishes” subfolder

    • Using a “body/supplier-” prefix will import the material to the “body” folder and rename it to “supplier-paint”