Lambertian BSDF



Example of lambertian BSDF

BSDF This BSDF type follows the Lambertian reflectance model. The apparent brightness of such a surface to an observer is the same regardless of the observer’s angle of view. This simple model describes efficiently diffuse surfaces, but more complex models such as Oren-Nayar or Phong will describe better very rough and slightly reflective BSDFs, respectively.

Children Nodes

Filter shader diffuse

The spectral diffuse reflectance, or albedo, of the BSDF

Ocean XML 4.0 example

<bsdf name="bsdf" type="lambertian">
   <filtershader name="diffuse" type="uniform">
      <spectrum name="spectrum" type="tabulated" start="388E-9" end="780E-9" num="10">
         0.343 0.343 0.445 0.551 0.624 0.665 0.687 0.708 0.723 0.715