Complex Fresnel interface law



Specular material with a complex Fresnel law associated with a copper dielectric function

Interface law The Complex Fresnel interface law computes the reflection coefficient from Fresnel equations generalized to complex refractive indices. This is especially suited to describe metallic and semiconductor surfaces. As materials with complex refractive indices are opaque behind a few µm, the model assumes zero light transmission.

The refractive indices of the interface used in the equations are:

  • The front medium in which the ray is traveling, defined by materials and scene geometry (closed volumes)

  • The internal dielectric function defined in the interface law

Therefore, the back medium at scene level is not used, as opposed to the Fresnel interface law. This law may be seen as a thick sheet of medium inserted between the volumic geometry media.

The polarization state of light is computed accurately by this law.

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Dielectric function dielectricfunc

The surface dielectric function



Ocean XML 6.1 example

<intlaw type="cfresnel" name="intlaw">
     <dielectricfunc type="linked" name="dielectricfunc" target="ocean-metals::Cu"/>