Thin film interface law



Interface law The thin film interface law is similar to the Fresnel interface law, but it adds a thin film layer at the interface. The refractive indices of scene media located in front and behind the surface are taken into account, as well as the properties of the thin film. The latter is defined by an internal dielectric function defined in the law element, and a thickness.

The polarization state of light is computed accurately by this law.

The differences with the Thick foil interface law are:

  • It uses fully coherent optics instead of incoherent optics in the foil. Therefore, it is more suited for layers of 10µm or below

  • It takes into account the full complex refractive index of the layer medium


Using this feature requires an Advanced Edition license

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Dielectric function dielectricfunc

The foil dielectric function







The thin film thickness in meters

Ocean XML 6.1 example

<intlaw type="thinfilm" name="intlaw" thickness="1.5e-08">
     <dielectricfunc type="linked" name="dielectricfunc" target="ocean-metals::Ag"/>