Generic material



Generic material modelling red hot glass

Material This material type is a generic model which has several child nodes for describing reflection/transmission, emission, volumic medium, and normal shading.

The associated bulk medium defines the volumic optical properties filling the volume inside the closed surface defined by the material (see modelling volumes).

Children Nodes

bsdf bsdf

The bidirectional scattering distribution function

Medium bulk

The bulk medium filling the geometry volume on the back side

Normal shader bump

Normal shading modifier

Emitter emitter

The Surface light emission properties

Ocean XML 6.1 example

<material type="generic" name="previewmaterial">
     <medium type="linked" name="bulk" target="ocean-building-glass::clear"/>
     <emitter type="lambertian" name="emitter" metric="basespectrum" quantity="specemit" multiplier="1">
             <spectrum type="blackbody" name="base" temp="1500" gain="0.89"/>
     <filtershader type="constant" name="posmod" value="1"/>
     <bsdf type="specular" name="bsdf" irtrmin_tweak="0">
             <intlaw type="fresnel" name="intlaw"/>