Glare report output



Simulation results displayed as a glare report

Output The table output displays a text report of glare analysis.

It requires an instrument which can evaluate scene radiance and a photometric Y channel. Standard cameras (Ideal rectilinear camera) and sensors (CIE XYZ sensor) work, but a Fisheye camera is ideal for this as it captures the whole human field of vision.

Currently, it only reports UGR (Unified Glare Rating).

Other glare metrics will be added in the future, please contact us if you would like specific metrics to be added


Using this feature requires a Lighting or Advanced Edition license

Children Nodes

This node has a filter list. It may have a variable number of filter children. The name of each filter is user-defined and does not affect the result.

Filter user-defined

First spectrum

Filter user-defined

Second spectrum

Filter user-defined



Ocean XML 5.0 example

<output type="glarereport" name="output"/>