Special display output


Output The Special display output was added to support some special display hardware. Currently, only the SIM2 HDR monitor is added. This monitor is able to display color images with luminances up to 6000cd/m², whereas standard monitors are generally limited to 200cd/m², and at the same time, it can display nearly perfect black. This monitor is well suited for visualizing high contrast scenes such as daylight images with bright higlights.

See http://hdr.sim2.it/ for more details

Children Nodes

This node has a filter list. It may have a variable number of filter children. The name of each filter is user-defined and does not affect the result.

Filter user-defined

First spectrum

Filter user-defined

Second spectrum

Filter user-defined







The display mode. Currently only SIM2 HDR (sim2hdr) is available.

Ocean XML 5.0 example

<output type="special" name="output" mode="sim2hdr"/>