Custom sensor


Sensor The custom sensor allows defining custom spectral response functions, by providing a list of named spectra.

The spectrum name is important for output modes, as they identify the data type by channel names.


Using this feature requires an Advanced Edition license

Children Nodes

This node is a spectrum list. It may have a variable number of spectrum children with channel names.

If no sensitivity spectrum is specified, default CIE 1931 XYZ observers are created.

Spectrum user-defined

Sensitivity spectrum for the first channel

Spectrum user-defined

Sensitivity spectrum for the second channel

Spectrum user-defined



Ocean XML 3.0 example

The following example was truncated for readability

<sensor type="custom" name="sensor">
             <spectrum name="L" type="tabulated" start="390E-9" end="830E-9" num="89">6.045E-4 [...] 6.668E-7</spectrum>
             <spectrum name="M" type="tabulated" start="390E-9" end="830E-9" num="89">5.119E-4 [...] 6.226E-8</spectrum>
             <spectrum name="S" type="tabulated" start="390E-9" end="830E-9" num="89">1.081E-2 [...] 0</spectrum>
             <spectrum name="R" type="tabulated" start="380E-9" end="780E-9" num="82">5.890E-4 [...] 1.390E-7</spectrum>