New features and changes in Ocean 2019

Project manager

The Job Queue has been revamped to make it more powerful.

It is now called a Project Manager. It is quite generic in order to fit multiple needs, but is mainly intended for two use cases :

  • As a tool to organise render projects with more clarity and repeatability than before

  • Ease the making of small videos / clips using Ocean

More info at the Project Manager toolbox page.

Project management


Project Manager widget, showing a hierarchy of render jobs

It improves on the features of the previous Job Queue for render management :

  • Compatible with pre-2019 behavior (make new job from edits, drop scene files into list, …)

  • Organise jobs using a tree structure (jobs with subjobs …)

  • Enable / disable jobs in the list (+ easier to view which jobs are done and which ones are waiting to be rendered)

  • Load / store project files with edit and animation jobs

  • Bulk rename jobs using a simple auto-naming format

Animation tools

The Manager provides useful tools to generate simple animations

  • Parameter animations

  • Animate a node parameter by interpolating between 2 values

  • Multiple interpolation schemes (nearest, linear, sigmoid, …)

  • Automatic turntable (move camera around a fixed target point)

CAD Import

Ocean 2019 features many CAD format readers that can load such files as if they were standard ocxml files.

This feature is optional and requires a specific license. For more information please contact us.

Here’s the list of available readers :

  • *.3dm : Rhinoceros

  • *.sat : ACIS

  • *.prt : Creo part

  • *.asm : Creo assembly

  • *.igs : IGES

  • *.iges : IGES

  • *.jt : JT Siemens format

  • *.vda : VDA format

  • *.catpart : CATIA V5

  • *.catproduct : CATIA V5

  • *.3dxml : 3DXML format

  • *.cgr : CATIA triangulated

  • *.model : CATIA V4

  • *.x_t : Parasolid text

  • *.x_b : Parasolid binary

  • *.xmt : Parasolid

  • *.par : STEP format

  • *.sldprt : Solidworks part

  • *.sldasm : Solidworks assembly

  • *.step : STEP format

  • *.stp : STEP format

  • *.ipt : Inventor part

  • *.iam : Inventor assembly

  • *.dwg : DWG format

More info at the Scene formats page.