Ocean RAW format

When saving simulation results to images or table files (such as .jpg or .csv), some information can be lost, such as numerical precision, channels, values before post-processing, etc…

The Ocean raw file format allows saving the simulation results for later use. When opened again in Ocean, everything goes as if the simulation had just been done, including:

  • Post-processing parameters adjustment

  • Raw and post-processed data analysis and export to other formats

  • Colorimetry and photometry measurements

These files have the .ocraw extension.

Writing Ocean RAW files

Ocean raw files can be saved from the interface. Just select a simulation result tab in the main window area, and go to the Simulation > Save Raw menu

Ocean raw files may also be saved automatically when a render stops. This option is available in the Preferences.

You can generate Ocean raw files from the command line, by using the -o option with a .ocraw file name extension. This is especially useful when many images have to be rendered, but post-processing requires manual per-image adjustment. See command line syntax for more details.

Documentation for reading and writing Ocean RAW files in your software is available on demand.

Opening Ocean RAW files

Ocean raw files may be opened from the interface, in the Simulation > Load Raw menu. They will open as if the simulation had just finished.

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