Pack & Go


Packaging a scene

General details

The packager tool allows you to bundle your scene and its dependencies in a single folder. This can be handy to share or archive your work efficiently. To use it, just click on the “Pack” button on the top bar of Ocean, select the dependencies to include in the bundle, and select the destination folder.

Ocean will create a folder named “{scene_name}_packed” in this destination, and export the scene and all selected dependencies in this folder.

Caution : in its current implementation, libraries are not part of the bundle generated by the scene packager. If you use non-standard libraries in your scene, take into consideration that you may need to transfer / archive it next to bundled scene.

Dependencies selection

The packager tool displays the list of dependencies used in your scene, and lets you pick which dependency needs to be bundled with your scene. This may be usefull in case your scene uses heavy dependencies and you don’t want it to be copied multiple times.

Dependencies selected for export will be copied in the bundle folder, and every reference to these dependencies in the bundled scene will be updated accordingly. Dependencies not selected for packaging will not be part of the bundle, and their references will remain untouched in the bundled scene.


Name collisions & Name changes

An ocean scene can use different dependencies with the same name. Name collisions can be detected in the list of dependencies : two dependencies with the same name will be highlighed in orange. By double clicking on a dependency name, you can modify the name it will take in the bundled version of your scene (see image bellow).

Dependencies packaged under a different name are visible in yellow writing in the dependency list.