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virtual prototyping
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Measuring real world,
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True and accurate

Ocean brings light onto your virtual prototypes. The real one. As complex your materials can be, Ocean delivers ultra-realistic results. And we can prove it. Check our «real world vs simulations» examples, which speak for themselves. Architecture, automotive, luxury, electronics… Regardless of the sector, what you need is accurate simulations. Most complex materials like multicoated glass, metal, concrete, plastic and more, can be realistically rendered with Ocean. Our solution is so accurate that it can be used for daylight preview inside buildings, or IR & UV simulation through a glass roof at a building scale !

Cutting edge technology

Ocean offers 10 years of R&D in a nutshell. Our technology allows physics oriented modelizing of real materials and daylight for better complex in-depth light simulation. Unlike other rendering solutions,our software has been developed by engineers for engineers, and relies on a scientific approach. We use physical units you can use in any CAD model. As a result, you’ll get predictive imaging and lighting simulation that match the real world.

Unique material rendering

You know your products. You know your materials. Ocean really makes you feel the texture you know in the real world. Your virtual prototypes have never seemed so real. Our unique technology will realistically render any kind of material, even the most complex like coated glass. That is what makes our rendering engine is very unique.

The High Performance Solution
for Material Visualization &
Illumination Engineering

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