Using external library materials

In this tutorial, we will see how to use advanced materials from external libraries in your scene. Measure-based coated glass materials are a good example.

Before starting

You should have already exported your scene with SketchUp or Rhinoceros to an ocxml file, and set up a lighting environment. If not, load your 3D geometry file or follow Setting up a cloudy environment

You may also load the scene file exported at the previous tutorial : libmat-start.ocbin. It requires the envmap file nantes-cloudy.exr in the same folder.

Opening the current glass material


The scene has been modeled with double glazing units : each window is made of two surfaces, corresponding to the two glass panes. Two different materials were applied to these panes : the external pane is named pane1 and the internal pane pane2.

Open the external glass material Material pane1 by double clicking it in the object toolbox


You may now start the render and obtain the following picture after a few minutes: